Sagen supervised the “Always Warehouse” project

On February 01st, 2023, Sagen was honored to be chosen by the Investor − Always Co., Ltd. to sign the construction supervision contract for “The goods and materials warehouse of Always Co., Ltd” project. The project locates in Lot Y.04c-05, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City and has a scale of over 8,000 m2. The project is invested to meet the needs of expanding production and business development. At the same time, it contributes to creating jobs for workers, consistent with the development orientation of the entire Industrial Park.

The project’s overall perspective

With the desire to build a safe, closed warehouse and flexible storage space, suitable for the production scale of the business, and simultaneously ensure the progress of putting the project into operation, Always Co., Ltd. has focused on choosing a supervision company, that has many years of experience and reputation in the supervision industry, supports the Investor to manage, inspect and push for ensuring the project progress, design and construction regulations.

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Known as an enterprise with 20 years of experience, not only in the design consulting field but also in the construction supervision field, Sagen has a team of professional experts, who are rich in experience in management, supervision of many large-scale industrial and civil projects in Vietnam. Concurrently, they always ensure that the supervision work complies with technical requirements and progress, bringing the highest prestige and reliability to the Investor.

Photo at site

“The goods and materials warehouse of Always Co., Ltd.” project sets the precedent for a good cooperative relationship between Always  Investor and Sagen, once again  this affirms the trust of customers and the leading position of Sagen in the industrial supervision consulting field in Vietnam.