Sagen responds to World Environment Day 2023

World Environment Day was first celebrated on June 5, 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden, and so far has been responded by more than 150 countries around the world. Since 1982, Vietnam has also responded positively to the world's great festival, thanks to which there have been many meaningful activities to join hands to protect and preserve the green - clean - beautiful environment.
In the face of natural disasters and unusual weather in recent years, planting trees - causing forests will contribute to responding to climate change, on the other hand, it is a way to protect the ecological environment, and biodiversity, connect nature with people, and protect a healthy life for people. Accepting an invitation to attend the event "Join Together - Green the Future" in response to World Environment Day 2023 from the event organizer BlueScope, on 06/06/2023 Sagen and his partners attended and jointly implemented the planting of casuarina trees in coastal protection forests at Hai Ha lake, Long Hai town, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province.

Sagen is privileged to be a partner for the event

Hai Ha lake, Long Hai town has been a "black spot" of environmental pollution for many years. Recently, local authorities have taken drastic actions and directions to stop pollution in this area. One of the typical activities is planting casuarina trees along the coast. The casuarina tree, also known as the willow tree, has the ability to create fresh air and absorb toxic gases while providing shade and reducing the surrounding temperature. Planting casuarina trees not only contributes to the regeneration of the environment and protects biodiversity, but also helps to improve air quality and create a good living environment for the community.

The group moved to the tree-planting area

Following the humane spirit and meaningful activities called for by the local government, Sagen-the organizers and participating partners enthusiastically responded to contribute and jointly implemented many meaningful activities. Sagen donated 500 casuarina trees to green the Hai Ha lake area and create a friendly living environment for local people. The program was held with great success with thousands of trees quickly planted throughout the area and it is certain that after a while, it will create a fresher and greener living space for people and future generations.

Local officials are grateful to Sagen and its partners

In parallel with business development - building a leading brand in the field of Consulting and Design of Pharmaceutical - Foodsfuff factory projects and large-scale high-rise buildings. Sagen also attaches great importance to social responsibility. Every year, Sagen always maintains and launches many charity programs such as "Sagen Volunteer Day - Journey to spread love"; "Sagen - Spring Love Volunteer Program" and training seminars - exchanges with young generations about experiences, lessons and career development orientations.

Participating in this event is not only an opportunity to show Sagen's love and responsibility for the environment, but also an opportunity to bond and interact with co-attending units. This is considered a culture that has long become a tradition of Sagen, spreading positive and meaningful values to the community, wishing to join hands to build a better life and contribute to the common development of the country.

The organizers and partners take souvenir photos.