Groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a 15-Storey Student Hotel at Dai Nam University

On the morning of June 12, 2023, the Investor - Dai Nam University formally performed the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a 15-storey student hotel at the address No. 1, Pho Xom, Phu Lam, Ha Dong, Hanoi. Attending the ceremony, there was the presence of Dr. Le Dac Son - Chairman of the School Council and Mr. Do Quan - Vice Chairman of the School Council together with the Board of Directors and representatives of leaders of departments, representatives of contractors and the Project Management Board.

Pictures at the ceremony

Sagen is honored to be selected by the Investor as a design consultant for the project. Most students often feel haunted by the cramped and degraded dormitories, but Sagen architects and engineers have transformed this place into a modern and high-class "hotel", fully meeting functional facilities for students to live, study and relax during their stay.

Sincerely send our deepest thanks to the Investor for trusting and selecting Sagen as a design consultant. The project is a bridge to build a strong connection between the two companies as well as demonstrate the trust of customers and Sagen's leading position in the field of designing large-scale high-rise civil works in Vietnam.

Information from the ceremony: