Congratulations to FPT Education on receiving the "The typical mark of FPT's 35 years" title

Established in 1988, FPT Corporation operated in three core areas: Technology, Telecommunications and Education with 10 member companies. 2023 is an important milestone, marking the 35th anniversary of FPT Corporation's establishment. On this occasion, FPT Corporation organized many contests to celebrate the milestone of "FPT's 35-year", including the "35-year FPT mark" contest.

Overcome many "marks", surpass many member companies participating in the competition, on July 13, FPT Education has been awarded the "The typical mark of FPT's 35 years" logotype with outstanding achievements in “Affirming its position in the education career for the country’s future generations with 135,013 m2 of construction floor and technical infrastructure”.

To achieve this "mark" with this meaningful number – 135,013 m2, in the past 6 months, FPT Education's leaders and staff have always made great efforts and worked non-stop to create large-scale school and educational complex projects with "speedy" progress. At the same time, the projects must ensure the aesthetics as well as the convenience and safety during operation, ensuring optimal progress, function, cost-effectiveness, fully meeting Vietnamese and International standards.

Leaders, staff and students of FPT Education (Source: FPT Corporation)

Sagen would like to congratulate FPT Education on achieving "The typical mark of FPT's 35 years" logotype, which is one of the extremely meaningful and special milestones for FPT Education. Simultaneously, Sagen is extremely honored to be one of the design consultants that has had the opportunity to accompany FPT Education, contributing a part to creating the "The typical mark of FPT's 35 years". The projects, which Sagen has been chosen by FPT Education as a design consultant, can be mentioned such as: FPT Ha Nam Education Complex – phase 1, FPT Binh Dinh University, Gamma Lecture Hall of FPT Can Tho University,… . Sagen also was also a design inspector for FPT Lang - Hoa Lac, FPT Bac Giang, FPT Bac Ninh,...

With more than 20 years of working with a team of experienced architects – engineers in the design consulting industry, Sagen is proud to be the leading strategic partner for corporations and companies, we has designed many projects, from high-rise universities, international schools, apartment buildings, complexes projects to large-scale industrial, pharmaceutical, food factory projects.

Perspectives and realistics photos of some projects Sagen has designed for FPT Education:

The perspective of Gamma lecture hall – FPT Can Tho University

The realistics photos of Gamma lecture hall – FPT Can Tho University

FPT Ha Nam Education Complex project

FPT Binh Dinh University project